About Recherché!

In trying to find a name for this site, I thought about what brought me here… and my direction.

Esoteric seemed too new-agey – though I definitely have taken an esoteric approach to this faith. I plugged the word into the thesaurus and looked for something more appropriate. I stopped at the word Recherché. Obviously, it was French, and therefore also had a Latin base. Both quite appropriate here. (French is one of my more successful foreign languages.)

Recherché refers to something rare, exotic or obscure. It’s something carefully sought out and out of the ordinary. To me, it’s perfect – as I had to very carefully search until I found the truth.

So, this blog is called Recherché: an esoteric and enigmatic journey towards Catholicism. I hope it blesses you as you learn about my journey as well as many of the mysteries of the Catholic church.