Amazing St. Anthony Mary Claret

Amazing St. Anthony Mary Claret

Today, I conclude the study of St. Anthony Mary Claret though he could easily take several more months to cover in detail. Yes, he did that many great things during his life.

Here are some more of the great things he did.

The mission takes first priority…

His schedule did not always permit him to schedule missions to be amenable to other schedules, such as the one of the fields. When one of these was unfortunately planned for harvest time, people felt it impossible to attend the mission due to their harvest obligations.

St. Anthony Mary Claret’s response was to give this message:

“In God’s name I say to you, that if you come to the Mission your wheat fields will be more productive, and all danger of rain and hailstorms will be averted. If, however, you do not come, your harvest will be destroyed.”

Just two days later, the crops of those who did not attend the mission were completely destroyed by a freak hailstorm. The crops of those who did attend were not only spared, but were much greater than expected.

The religious life is important to God

An older couple had had two daughters, one of whom died as a child. The other had desires to become a Carmelite nun. Her parents were quite concerned as they had hoped that their daughter would continue to be a blessing in their household as they became unable to work as they aged. The first priest who consulted with them was reluctant to decide in this matter and referred them to Fr Claret. He was quick to reflect, pray and then prophesied:

“It is the will of God that Candida become a religious. Do not fear to give your consent, because within a year God will grant you the blessing of becoming the father of a son, who will be your consolation in your old age.”

The father did not believe his menopausal wife could have another child at her age, but agreed that if they had a son within a year, their daughter could enter the convent.

Their promised son was born exactly one year later, and the daughter was able to become the Carmelite nun she do desired to become.

Receiving the Child Jesus in his arms

During a Christmas Eve prayer of thanksgiving, Fr. Claret experienced an apparition of Our Mother letting him hold the Baby Jesus. Although he spoke to no one of it at first, one of the Sisters of Perpetual Adoration was privileged to observe this apparition.

A letter preserved by Sister Angelica, a religious of Perpetual Adoration, is proof of this fact.

“That Christmas night,” it says, “the five hours we remained in the chapel listening to and seeing Father Claret, seemed but brief moments to us. No one tired. We felt as though we were in a region of happiness.

“The Sisters said that during his thanksgiving Father was in ecstasy and had received the Child Jesus in his arms. The Blessed Virgin had given the Child to him.”

The world in its present situation was predicted by Fr Claret as well.

From his autobiography.

“Jesus gave me to understand great things from these words of the Apocalypse (8:13):

‘And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of Heaven saying with a loud voice: ‘Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth because of the three great judgments of God which are going to descend upon the world.””

St. Anthony continues: “These are: 1.) Protestantism, Communism; 2.) The four archdemons who will incite all in a truly frightful manner to the love of pleasures, of money, to independence of reason, and independence of will; 3.) the great wars with their horrible consequences.”

Excerpt is from The Autobiography of St. Anthony Mary Claret, published by TAN books (pp.178-79)

Internal dwelling of the Blessed Sacrament

He said:

“On August 26, 1861, finding myself at prayer in the church of the Holy Rosary, at La Granja, at seven o’clock in the evening, the Lord granted me the great grace of conserving the Sacramental Species, and to have, day and night, the Blessed Sacrament within my heart . . .

“Therefore, I must always be interiorly recollected and devout. Besides, I must pray and brave all the evils of Spain, as the Lord has told me. Effectually, I remember that without merit, talent, or without any interest from persons, He has raised me from the lowest depths to the highest place, at the side of the kings of earth . . . And now, He has placed me at the side of the King of Heaven! Glorificate et portate Deum in corpore vestro!”

This was the promise of his incorrupt body. Theology says:

It says, that, if the Holy Eucharist, by virtue of its Real Presence in a man, augments sancifying grace during the time in which the said Species remain incorrupt, as grave theologians assert, among them, Cajetan, Suarez, Lugo and St. Alphonsus, how great must have been this treasure of Divine grace in the heart of Blessed Anthony, when for the space of so many years he had Jesus, our Sacramental Lord, within himself.

Indeed, his body has proven to be incorrupt, adding him to a long line of Saints who enjoyed such perfect Communion with our Lord to be given such a gift in response to their devotion.

Amazon offers this book

I still have another 18 pages of notes that I haven’t even read, and I do want to cover other saints as well. So, I leave you this modern giant of the Church and suggest you include him in your prayers.

What should we pray to him for?

I would pray to St. Anthony Mary Claret for a stronger love for Christ, a greater faith, for the desire to share my faith and the grace of sharing it effectively … and for the world to “wake up” before it is too late.

Here are some prayers written to help you connect with this amazing saint.

Prayers for the Intercession of St. Anthony Mary Claret

Founder and model

Lord, Our God,
You who chose Saint Anthony Mary Claret
To be Founder of our Family,
And made him who, burning in love,
Should suffer calumnies and torments;
Grant us, courage, that
We remain faithful to his teachings,
Proclaim Your glory throughout the world,
And seek always with Your help
The salvation of all people.
Through Jesus Christ, Our Lord.
Faithful to His Spirit

Lord, Our God,
Who gave to Saint Anthony Mary Claret

A burning and humble love for the Blessed Sacrament
And the Immaculate Heart of Mary
So that he would undertake in the Church of God
Great wonders for Your glory
And the salvation of souls:
Obtain for us that,
Burning in imitation of Him
In the same holy love
And continuing with the greatest effectiveness
His evangelizing work,
May we deserve to live and die in the Congregation
As worthy Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
To Continue His Work

You who made Saint Anthony Mary Claret, our Father,
A zealous Apostle for the glory of God and the salvation of men,
Grant us the ardent love that burned in his heart
So that we may continue with intensity and effectiveness
His apostolic work.
May yours sons multiply
To spread the Kingdom of Jesus Christ
So that in the moment of our death
We may be worthy to be known as “faithful servants” of Christ and the Gospel.

Novena to St. Anthony Mary Claret

(Saint Anthony Mary Claret is the helper of those who are suffering from cancer, heart trouble and other serious ailments of soul and body.)

St. Anthony Mary Claret,
during your life on earth
you often comforted the afflicted
and showed such tender love
and compassion for the sick and sinful.
Intercede for me now
that you rejoice in the reward
of your virtues in heavenly glory.
Look with pity on me…

(or on the person afflicted or whose conversion is desired)

and grant my prayer,
if such be the will of God.
Make my troubles your own.
Speak a word for me
to the Immaculate Heart of Mary
to obtain by her powerful intercession
the grace I yearn for so ardently,
and a blessing to strengthen me during life,
assist me at the hour of death,
and lead me to a happy eternity.


Resources: – reprint of a 1937 article, “Reminiscences of St. Anthony Mary Claret” by Rev. Juan Echevarria, C.M.F., Ph. D. I encourage you to read the entire work, this man was amazing!

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